Data Presentation

STRATIGRAPHICS offers exceptional data presentation capabilities both in the field and in the office. We have developed our own software that allows for custom data presentation, data evaluation and database organization. Our flexible data presentation capabilities allow Cone Penetration Testing data to be examined in different forms, including expanded data channel and depth scales. We also offer many options for digital reports.

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This is a routine Cone Penetration Testing sounding log that was generated in the field after sounding completion and immediately emailed to the client. STRATIGRAPHICS synthesis of the soil lithologic column, similar to a borehole log, allowed the client to get past the "squiggly line Cone Penetration Testing data" and more easily see apparently continuous soil strata identified in other CPT locations across the site. This allowed the Client to make more informed decisions for additional testing while the Cone Penetration Testing rig was still in the field.

Our plots are completely customizable and can include any data values collected in the field, including those from adjacent boreholes. Sample locations, additional tests (this plot shows seismic testing values), and operator comments are quickly added.