STRATIGRAPHICS has multiple CPT deployment platforms allowing us to provide exploration services in different environments and for unusual projects. Our equipment is designed in-house and fabricated to our specifications. We have designed all our CPT equipment for the tough soil conditions prevalent in the glacially derived soils in the Midwest United States. Increased capacity, high productivity and safety for operators have all been considered in our design. In-house design allows STRATIGRAPHICS to "push the envelope" and get the full capability of our heavier than industry standard equipment. We have consistently out-performed our competitors in depth and productivity benchmarks.

24-ton (actual dead weight) truck mounted rig high productivity, maneuverable rig, with high capacity. We have completed CPT soundings to +180 ft and achieved our record production of 1300 ft in one day with this day. Wide flotation tires are transported to a project site and mounted on this rig for good off-road mobility and on-road driveability, especially useful for wind farm exploration programs. We also have tracks that mount over the tandem axle tires, giving tremendous off-road capacity. An autohammer system is mounted on our 24-ton rig for high productivity seismic testing.

30-ton (actual dead weight), 34-ton hydraulic capacity truck mounted rig very high capacity rig. We have achieved +200 ft depths with this rig. A set of railroad high-railers was mounted on this rig in 2010 for work on High Speed Rail projects.

11-ton (actual dead weight), 23-ton hydraulic capacity, rubber tracked ATV rig. This rig has been used extensively on levee certification projects. The rig has a small crane mounted on it for moving obstructions.

2-ton (actual dead weight), 23-ton hydraulic capacity 4x4 high mobility rig -we use this small road driveable rig for sludge pond studies.

23-ton hydraulic capacity CPT system with diesel hydraulic power pack for overwater projects, or for work inside structures with limited overhead space or other clearance issues - the push system is mounted on a barge or bolted to the structure concrete foundation slab to develop thrust capacity. We have achieved overwater CPT sounding depths in excess of 100 ft with this system.

Stinger CPT this deadweight system is very easily deployed using a small crane for shallow (5-18 ft) sediment studies. We have achieved over 30 exploration soundings per day with this system.

Hand-held CPT we push CPT by hand on sediment studies to depths of 15 ft. We walk out onto very soft sediment using plywood planks. We also use a small, centerwell equipped boat to access locations where there is sufficient water (+ 6 inches) depth.