Piezometer and Fixed Instrumentation installations Piezometers and other instrumentation packages can often be easily set using penetrometer methods. PVC, Pre-Pack™ piezometers or other instrumentation are lowered inside a larger diameter steel casing pushed to depth. The casing is sealed with a sacrificial tip, which prevents soil from entering the casing. The casing is withdrawn, leaving the tip and piezometer in place. Steel wellpoints also can be installed using penetrometer methods by directly pushing pipe-base screen and flush joint risers into the ground. We have also installed Petur piezometers, SVE points, curtain grouting points and soil temperature thermistor strings using penetrometer methods.

Micropile installations Steel micropiles to 3 inch diameter can be set using the high capacity hydraulic push systems on STRATIGRAPHICS truck mounted CPT rigs. The advantage of setting micropiles using CPT rigs is that the pile is basically tested during installation, so a precise measurement of the pile ultimate minimum capacity is known. Micropiles can be high-pressure grouted after installation, increasing frictional capacity significantly. The micropile can be tested in both compression and tension during installation.