STRATIGRAPHICS has provided CPT and CPTU-EC (Cone Penetration Test with soil Electrical Conductivity measurement) exploration services for road infrastructure projects in Hammond and Gary, Indiana on the Indiana Toll Road for Ferrovial. The work was performed for geotechnical evaluation of re-building existing bridge structures and for slope stability.. STRATIGRAPHICS provided CPT exploration services for the projects using our 24 ton truck mounted rig.

Another road re-development project STRATIGRAPHICS provided CPTU-EC exploration services for was the Chicago Skyway for Wang Engineering. Elevated roadway structures were to be replaced with embankments constructed over soft Chicago Blue Clay. Traditional drilling and sampling indicated large settlement potential in these apparently, normally consolidated clays. STRATIGRAPHIC’s performed and evaluated CPT data in a SHANSEP type analysis with Wang and discerned that the soft clays were in fact slightly overconsolidated. Actual embankment settlements were much less than predicted by drilling and sampling methods, and reflected the actual pre-consolidation of the Chicago Blue Clay at the Site.

We provided CPT and CPT type probing for new construction at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, also for Wang Engineering. Pavements  were to cross old rubble filled borrow areas. The rubble fill precluded use of full CPT instrumentation. STRATIGRAPHICS conducted side-by-side CPT and soil probe calibration soundings. The soil probe was then deployed to characterize the rubble fill.  Similar probing has been used by STRATIGRAPHICS on other brownfield projects with difficult to test rubble fills for both foundation design and for QA of the  dynamic compaction of poor quality fills. STRATIGRAPHICS provided CPTU-EC geotechnical exploration for the I-94 Marquette and Zoo Interchange Projects in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for Milwaukee Transportation Partners (HNTB and CH2MHill). CPT was used to supplement extensive borehole exploration in this heavily urbanized area. Both our 24 and 30 ton rigs were used on these projects.

We performed CPTU-S (Piezometric CPT with seismic Shear wave velocity measurements) geotechnical exploration for the new I-70 Bridge across the Mississippi River at St. Louis for Hanson Engineers. CPT exploration was performed to refusal on bedrock at about 100 ft depths in loose to medium dense sands on the Illinois side of the river. CPT on the St. Louis side was limited by shallow bedrock. We subsequently conducted CPT in this same  area for levee re-certification projects.

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