STRATIGRAPHICS provided CPTU-EC (Piezometric Cone Penetration Test with soil Electrical Conductivity measurements) exploration services for GKN/Hayward Baker at the Palisades Nuclear Power Plant near Covert, Michigan on Michigan’s West Coast. The work was to support vibroflotation QA/QC activities at the plant’s Dry Cask Storage site. STRATIGRAPHICS provided services using its 30 ton truck mounted CPT rig.

We provided CPTU-EC-S (with seismic shear wave velocity measurements) for Shaw Environmental and Infrastructure at the DC Cook Nuclear Power Plant near Bridgman, Michigan, also on Michigan’s West Coast to the south of the Palisades Plant. The work was performed to support geotechnical design of the Dry Cask Storage area. STRATIGRAPHICS provided these services using its 24 ton truck mounted CPT rig.

We provided CPTU-S for Black and Veatch at the Clinton Nuclear Power Plant near Clinton, Illinois. The work was performed to provide geotechnical data at the site. We used our 24 ton truck mounted rig to perform the work.

STRATIGRAPHICS has also performed CPT at the Department of Energy (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory, the DOE Mounds (Ohio) Nuclear Weapons Facility, and for Kerr-McGee at the West Chicago Thorium Site.

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