STRATIGRAPHICS has provided CPTU-EC (Piezometric Cone Penetration Test with soil Electrical Conductivity measurements) for projects on lakes and rivers throughout the Midwest. Our personnel have worked on geotechnical exploration on offshore projects throughout the world. Our personnel have also designed and worked with heli-portable CPT equipment off of the floating ice-pack north of Alaska in the Beaufort Sea for oil field development.  

We  worked on a river  in northeastern  Wisconsin for Shaw Environmental providing CPTU-EC. The work was to supplement data for evaluating the dredgibility of river bottom soils. Our CPT equipment was pushed using a hollow stem auger drill rig, which was also used for concurrent soil sampling operations.

STRATIGRAPHICS provided CPTU-EC and groundwater sampling on a river in northeastern  Michigan for CH2MHill. The work was performed during exploration of possible groundwater contaminant plumes extending under the river. STRATIGRAPHICS hydraulic CPT systems were mounted on a barge for this work.

We performed CPTU-EC and groundwater sampling on a lake in northwestern Michigan, also for CH2MHill. The work was performed for exploration of possible brine contaminated groundwater beneath the lake. Overwater exploration depths exceeded 100 ft during this program. STRATIGRAPHICS has  been performing CPTU-EC with groundwater sampling for nearly 20 years on the land side of this brine problem. The land work has included 100,000’s of ft of CPTU-EC to depths approaching 200 ft with nearly 1000 groundwater samples. The CPT soil electrical conductivity EC measurement has proved to be extremely useful for brine studies as physical groundwater sampling can be targeted only to depth intervals where brine is present. Targeted sampling provides tremendous cost savings as compared to fixed interval sampling.

We have performed CPTU-EC on ponds north of Waukegan, Illinois for asbestos contaminated sediment pond capping studies. This work was performed with a STRATIGRAPHICS designed CPT stinger system. The stinger CPT made very rapid exploration possible, with as many as thirty 10-15 ft deep CPT soundings performed in one day.

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